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Infertility Treatment
February 4, 2018
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February 11, 2018

Caesarean Section

secarean section

caesarean section, is a surgical procedure that is done by splitting on skin of the abdomen and the muscles below it and the uterine wall. According to the world statistics, 10% of the deliveries were made by cesarean section, while in Iran it is 25 to 35% The delivery of cesarean delivery in Iran is three times the global rate. During cesarean section, lower abdomen and uterus are split 4 inches long.
There are two types of cesarean section:
Scheduled caesarean section
Emergency cesarean section
Planned caesarean section: This type of cesarean section is optional and is based on an agreement between the gynecologist and the mother and maternity, during the pregnancy, the mother can consult with the gynecologist.

Caesarean section

In cesarean section, we need to have a splint on the abdomen so that the head of the baby can be pulled out of the abdomen, cesarean section is considered as a major surgeon. In the continuation of the gap created on the skin it is necessary to split the muscles under it and the uterine wall. So that the embryo can easily be pulled out of the womb.
In Iran, due to the fear that women have normal labor pain, the inclination to cesarean section is high and almost every day a large number of pregnant women are undergoing this kind of surgery.

secarean section

benefits of cesarean section

Caesarean section delivery factors

Infant heart rate drop
Rotate the baby’s head
High maternal pressure
Tearing the water bag
Severe cardiovascular problems

Postpartum cesarean delivery

Control the baby to the baby
Give milk to your baby from both breasts. If you have abnormal conditions in your breasts, see your doctor immediately.

Some unusual modes:

  • Chest tightness
  • the pain
  • Redness
  • And fever
  • It is also necessary to wash the nipple with lukewarm water before and after each lactation to prevent contamination.

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