Intercourse during Pregnancy

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Gestational diabetes
January 10, 2018
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Infertility Treatment
February 4, 2018
intercourse during pregnancy

Does intercourse lead to abortion during pregnancy?

Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy?

What is intercourse injury during this period?

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is a disincentive, of course, this should be varied according to the pregnant woman’s condition. Sexual intercourse does not cause any problem whenever necessary, but the pregnant woman may not be able to do so, this problem also occurs due to hormonal fluctuations, fatigue or nausea.

Of course, the desire for intercourse in the second quarter may be increased, due to increased blood flow in the genitals and breasts. This feeling will be decreased in the third three months, due to weight gain, back pain and other common symptoms of pregnancy.

Intercourse and Abortion

Does fetus harm with intercourse and cause her abortion?

Many couples are worried about this problem, specially in the first months of pregnancy, they are worried about abortion by doing sexual intercourse. But luckily it is not. Abortion usually occurs due to corrosion disorders or other issues related to the development of the fetus, and the correct mixing during this period does not harm the fetus.

For a better understanding, the growing embryo is protected by amniotic fluid in the uterus. This problem can not affect the fetus. Therefore, a healthy and ideal sexual relationship does not affect the health of the fetus.

intercourse durig pregnancy

How to have intercourse during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is difficult to be in certain conditions, such as sleeping on the back, so the couples themselves can change their position during their intercourse so that they can do so without causing problems or suffering pain. It is not advisable to stay in the state of a large stomach to the abdomen and flanks.


Although intercourse does not prevent pregnancy, but with the diagnosis of obstetrician and gynecologist in special circumstances, you should avoid intercourse if:

  • The probability of early delivery is high in you
  • Have an unhealthy bleeding in the vagina
  • Have an amniotic release
  • The cervix has been opened before the time
  • The whole or part of the pair is covered in part of the cervical spine

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