natural delivery

Natural childbirth, is one of the old ways of childbearing from the uterus, in many cases it is recommended that mothers give birth to their children from this traditional way. Natural delivery, which is actually the most troublesome method of delivery, has many benefits for mother and baby and ultimately leads to the birth of a healthy and beautiful child.
Many women are concerned about the pain of normal labor, but with prenatal care as well as guidance from the Western gynecologist, it can be reduced to a large extent from this pain and experience a comfortable delivery.

As you know, the uterus opens in the last months of pregnancy and begins to open briefly. When nine months have passed, the fetus has a pregnancy ready for birth, and by actually putting pressure on the pelvis and the womb, the mother is ready to exits.

In this situation, the opening of the vagina opens and the uterus develops contractions that cause severe pain in the pregnant woman’s body, with each contraction of the uterus, the embryo turns and gradually goes to the cervix to the embryo, when the embryo In the pelvis, the opening of the uterus is opened. If you suffer from pain, the mother easily drags the fetus out of the womb and the delivery process ends.

natural childbirth

benefits of natural childbirth

During the labor of the labor of the uterus, it may contract a few, with each contraction of the uterus, frequencies are sent to the brain that release the oxytocin hormone. This hormone increases the speed and intensity of contractions.
Of course, do not worry about labor pain because each time you feel pain in the mother’s throat, the hormone is beneficial for calming and relieving pain, and in fact, there is no concern for pregnant women because labor pain is controlled by the body itself. In addition, the gynecologist will take the necessary measures to relieve the pain and comfort of the fetus.

Fear of labor pain

Maternal pain is one of the things pregnant women are afraid of, and because of this, they are naturally escaping from delivery, we must state that delivery is due to medical advances and modern methods. It is easier for maternity leave, it is very comfortable and pain will be tolerable for mothers.
Of course, normal delivery in some cases is recommended to mothers who do not have acute and emergency problems that endanger mother and child’s health. High blood pressure or lack of rotation of the baby’s head, and even being large in the baby’s head are some of the things that lead to normal delivery to cesarean section.

Benefits of natural childbirth

Natural delivery is very comfortable and painless in some respects and does not pose a risk to the mother and the baby. Its benefits to cesarean section are hospitalization, which is very low in the hospital than cesarean section, and children who are born this way do not suffer from respiratory problems, babies can easily eat milk and get breast They do not have trouble with the mother.
There is also an emotional relationship between mother and child in normal delivery, and mothers can embrace her baby immediately after birth.

February 11, 2018
natural childbirth

Natural Childbirth

Natural childbirth, is one of the old ways of childbearing from the uterus, in many cases it is recommended that mothers give birth to their children […]